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Dead content is something very very few players do. However, scenery and content that provides lore of Gielinor are not dead because even players don't actively interact with them they passively add to the enjoyment of us players automatically.

My example of dead content will be traditional Wildy PvP. Obviously, it is antiquated content. The reason it is dead content is mostly because it is high risk and very little or no rewards. If we are going to remaster it, the most important thing is to do low or no risk or safedeath PvP. Of course, it will require an overhaul to the entire Wildy mechanics if it is to be remastered.

The other kind of dead content is dead cities like the Cave Goblin and Drawven Cities. To remaster the dead cities, we will need graphic overhauls to make them more modern and realistic. We also need better lore and new content there, say, mob/boss encounters similar to Demon Flash Mobs. A new boss won't hurt, of course. Then we may want to think about remastering the smaller things there like the drops, clues, etc.

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