Future Game Updates Rules

Future Game Updates Forum Guide

Hi there. Here’s a little guide for the Future Game Updates Forum!

What is the Future Updates Forum for?

The Future Updates Forum is an awesome Forum where you can use your detective skills to the max. What do you think we’ll be releasing next and how did you come to your conclusion?

You could also discuss known planned updates. Did we announce that we’ll be adding spaceships to RuneScape? Think it’s a terrible idea? Then discuss it here. Please keep your threads constructive.

I’ve thought of a great update for RuneScape! Spaceships! Can I create a thread suggesting them in this forum?
We really love reading suggestions from our players but the Future Updates isn’t the best place for suggestions. If you want to create a thread suggesting brand new content then you should use the appropriate suggestions forum.

Chuck Norris doesn’t need a spaceship. Should I create a thread about this in the Future Updates Forum?
If a thread is unrelated to RuneScape then you should use the Off Topic Forum.