Add Luminite to Miscellania

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I'd like to start a petition.

So I have.

Here (below, for the pedantic, obviously).

I'd like Luminite added as a recoverable resource from Miscellania.

I've read your notes on this: you think coal has a 'value' because it will still be used. Its value wasn't much before this, now it's limited e.g. to ores that have historically and still will have now very little use. You haven't really dealt with the problem that the earlier tiers of items quickly become redundant: giving them some limited use in upgrades isn't enough. Some things e.g. making grapples only available to be made from Mithril or certain weapons only to be made at one tier is sensible, but if you're going to do that you have to make it something like the case where a core item is made at that level and then improved by the addition of higher tier metals e.g. Grapple mark II is made of Mith and 10 Addy bars, for example.

At Aviansies just now I received a number of spirits in place of bars. So I have to mine to get an ore that I then need Luminite for. Then I have to smelt it. This does not equal the previous offering of 6 pcs of coal and 1 pc of Adamantite already smelted. So you've short-changed me demonstrably.

In addition, while (I believe) the cost of maintaining Miscellania has been lowered the obvious thing is that people will shift from the less profitable resources to the more which thus affects supply, demand and recoverable value or 'nerfs' it. To add Luminite e.g. via a miniquest would mean that previously accessible items (higher tier ores as was) would still be accessible in that recs from Misc could be used with them. Otherwise to some extent you skew the benefits of Luminite which is far worse than coal to mine relatively speaking.

Also, as you clearly can do this could you make it so that once my inventory is full with bars the default choice is deposit rather than requiring a right-click please?

I apologise for my English: it is my first language and I do know it.

11-Jan-2019 10:03:48

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