How to make the game last!?

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Hi all, I've just returned to play OSRS having originally played 05ish (and stopped playing) not long after the old wilderness went.

The development updates and videos of self righteousness about the success of OSRS bewilder me. I come from a time where the player base was significantly more than it is now, I saw the impact of the fundamental pvp changes made and I saw a large community ripped through. The numbers that are talked about in reference to membership give the corporate structure a reason to be smug without them stopping for a second to realize many players have multiple accounts and therefore multiple memberships. I don't see many of those original players remaining.

Technology has somewhat changed and professional gamers in all sorts of formats including MMORG have started to reap rewards better than professional athletes. I see that the dev team have started to realize and i'm pleased to see some opportunity for players to achieve IRL rewards and pleased to see content makers getting a decent following.

Despite attempts, I believe the structure in place can be significantly improved to attract new members to ensure the game survives and is improved upon and my suggestion is as follows broken down into sections.


I understand there is a league based system coming out and is a similar theory to what I've had. I suggest you have combat based leagues for individuals, 5 man teams and then larger clans. You have a competition on a monthly basis and the rules/items set by Jagex.

Example combats lvls

1-25 : 26-40 :41-55 : 56-69 : 70-85 : 86-95 : 96-109 : 111-126

1 v 1 tourns are simple as it's already been done in competiton.
5 v 5 can be a a roll of the dice on 3 modes, death match, capture the flag, search and rescue.
Clans battles can be deathmatch, and/or a variation of pest control where turns are taken and a time to beat to kill portals for example team 1 attack ports and team 2 defend. Rolls reverse and best time wins.


18-Sep-2019 18:00:45

Rigour Us

Rigour Us

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These events can be rolled out the last weekend of the month for best engagement rates and there can be practice mini game versions made up.

You can then have IRL prizes for 1st 2nd 3rd in each category with 1st place being IRL cash, 2nd being in game items/rewards/points for a store and 3rd being a 14 day bond.

In order to fund this OSRS can stream this on something like Twitch and have commentators etc just like the events they already do.

The monthly rewards don't have to be significant, in the region of £100 per category for 1st place. This equates to £800 a month IRL prize money.

You then have a seasonal event (every 3 months) where the leading teams/players (points based scoring system) are invited to battle it out live streamed in the same way that the larger modes already are with prize pool closer in the region of £2,000 per category.

Depending on scale and success you then have an end of year battle for top prizes, dependent on sponsorship and revenue created this could be more significant sums.

This could roll on the back of the pre-determined leagues for skillers so PVP and skillers have the same opportunity for earning potential IRL. With the only exception being the end of year prize pool given that this will be based on revenue raised and sponsorship.

In addition to these Jagex prize pools the players build a following as pro-players and earn their own sponsorship and revenue. Look to DOTA and League of legends as an example. Like iron man modes have an icon before their name "influencers" should also have the same.

By giving regular earning opportunities the game should and could grow in both camps and then the player base should grow and stay strong.

I'd be interested in your thoughts, questions, kinks that need to be worked out.

The corporate bodies at Jagex should look at doing something like this to make the game more enjoyable/profitable/longer lasting.

18-Sep-2019 18:11:17

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