Abyssal Components

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I'm all for an abyssal perk.
Part of the issue is some of the things like damage reduction, we already have absorptive and lucky and devotion.
I'm not too sure about the teleportation effects. There just may be something on the technical side making it problematic (you have lots of places with blocking items like trees, rocks, or shoreline. Most teleports have a small area you teleport to. Surge like abilities respect blocking.
Direct teleportation of items to bank, you have things like porters, and magic notepaper.

Possible effects though could include:
For skilling and some drops - chance not to burn a charge on porters. Porters and Dragon Trinkets for example, whenever they consume a charge that banks or notes something, the charge would not be burned.

Anti-abyssal - generates a field that prevents you from using abilities like Surge, Bladed Dive, etc, but also prevents NPCs that use similar abilities from doing it either. So Abyssal Demons can't teleport, the Order of Ascension knight can't do its thing. Could also counter the Chaos Elementals' special ability of removing your gear.

Abyssal Sumoning Familiars could also gain the ability to hand you extra rune essence. Instead of giving you their inventory, they just hand you the same amount, thus a chance to double the amount of ess they carry (or triple if lucky).
Alternatively, chance to not burn charges on your Rune essence pouches.

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Sigils are also going to be removed from game.
They will now become abilities that require you to unlock an ability codex (you assemble the associated pieces to make it and you then unlock the ability permanently. ie: the ones that require Vital Sparks now require 2k vital sparks to make)

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