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Abyssal equipment lack value, due to the ease of access to better weapons. However items that were once useless suddenly became valuable when they contained desired components.

Could Abyssal Equipment provide Abyssal Components when dismantled to give reason to use them?

Suggested Values:

Discovery Requirement: Level 70

Sources: Guaranteed 1x from Abyssal Whip, Abyssal Wand/Whip, Abyssal Head.

Abyssal Charms have a 1% chance.

Product example:

Sigil of Warping: Made from Abyssal, Ethereal, and Precise components.

Effect: When activated, the next time you attempt move within 15 spaces you instantly teleport there, as long as its accessible by walking and you're not bound/stunned. Useful for dodging boss attacks. Has a 30s recharge time, cooldown starts as soon as you teleport.

Has 500 charges when created, can be recharged for 50 charges with an Abyssal Component.

Perk examples from putting Abyssal Components in respective gizmos:

Tool Gizmo:

Gives Imp-Souled, possibly Rank 5 as its a rare component.

Armor Gizmo:

Abyss-mal (New), 3 ranks. When you take damage, 0% chance of warping in and out of existence, reducing the damage by 50% and deflecting it back to the attacker. Each time you take damage, the chance increases by 0.2% per rank until it activates, to which its reset to 0%.

Has its own buff bar showing the current chance of activation. Self-damage increases the chance of this activating, but cannot trigger the effect.

Weapon Gizmo:

Teleporting (New): 5 Ranks. Upon killing a monster, 3% chance per rank of teleporting all their drops to your bank. Combat equivalent of Imp-Souled
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I ate all

I ate all

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Deltaslug said:
I'm all for an abyssal perk.
Part of the issue is some of the things like damage reduction, we already have absorptive and lucky and devotion.

I'm not too sure about the teleportation effects. There just may be something on the technical side making it problematic (you have lots of places with blocking items like trees, rocks, or shoreline. Most teleports have a small area you teleport to. Surge like abilities respect blocking.

Direct teleportation of items to bank, you have things like porters, and magic notepaper.

For skilling and some drops - chance not to burn a charge on porters. Porters and Dragon Trinkets for example, whenever they consume a charge that banks or notes something, the charge would not be burned.

Abyssal Sumoning Familiars could also gain the ability to hand you extra rune essence. Instead of giving you their inventory, they just hand you the same amount, thus a chance to double the amount of ess they carry (or triple if lucky).
Alternatively, chance to not burn charges on your Rune essence pouches.

There's already a "Prism of Salvation" you can deploy anywhere and you can teleport to within 8 tiles as long as you're not blocked. The Sigil would function the same, just as if the "Prism of Salvation" was located where you clicked. Im pretty sure its not that hard to implement.

I dont know about Sigils being removed, but the Sigil of Warping could just be replaced with Warping Codex made from Abyssal Components, and adds a Warping ability.

Yes, we do have portents/notepaper already, but it didn't stop Imp-Souled for being added.
This is just an combat counterpart for drops rather than gathered resources.

Abyss-mal reduces damage by half and reflects it rather than Lucky's 100% reduction. Its like comparing Reflect and Barricade abilities. The 100% reduction is often better hence Abyssmal has the benefit of increasing in chance of triggering.
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