Pigs in POF?

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My apologies if I missed someone already bringing this up and having it explained or shot down some time ago, but with all the recent changes and expansions to Player-Owned Farms, I'm mystified as to why pigs are still not a farmable animal in-game.

Logically, they would be intermediate somewhere around sheep and cows when it comes to required level, growth time and harvest XP, since those are the nearest comparable "real world" animals that are accessible in-game.

Obviously they would be locked until a character completes Bringing Home the Bacon -- a quest which (long before POFs existed) already involved creating NPC models, animations, inventory icons and growth stages, so that's a ready-made starting point.

Obtaining -- presumably you would get them at baby stage by slaying NPC pigs that already exist in-game, or maybe buying them for beans from Martin in Draynor Village (or both).

Housing -- they seem like they would be a "medium pen" type, given their size.

Feeding -- pigs could be a second animal (aside from chinchompas) that use variety mush, since they are omnivores in real life.

Breeds -- they could parallel rabbits and chickens by creating a handful of palette-swapped NPC pig models, obviously one would be pink, one black/white spotted, one reddish-brown, one "razorback" style, etc., though what would be the "shiny" variety? Maybe a patterned kind like the spirit prayer pig (minus the altar on its back)?

Produce -- now this one stumps me a bit, since harvested POF animals aren't slain for meat in-game, so raw bacon wouldn't make sense. Maybe pigs would primarily be an XP-based harvest, like rabbits are? Perhaps they would uncommonly give teeth for spirit pig pouches?

Just dartboarding how that could look.

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