Seren/Fire Spirits At The Top

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So one small problem I've ran into in the past is that Fire Spirits and Seren Spirits can get buried under objects that have priority. In most situations, this isn't a problem. In crowded situations, it's different. If you can't immediately left click it, trying to right click it doesn't work, because it gets buried under a sea of people's names, preventing you from claiming it.

People tend to crowd together at certain places. Most notably the Lumbridge Chest on World 84, where people group together for portable skill stations. But it also happens in other places, especially at certain times. For example, during Breaking the Storm, I found the magic trees would often get in the way of me claiming Seren Spirits for the same reason, as people gathered on the same world (presumably, like me, on the chance someone would burst a Core for a 10% XP bonus).

The solution could probably be Ninja'd in. Just give those spirits priority over player names, similar to how other objects do on right clicks.

20-Sep-2019 05:27:21

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