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Seriously add anything? People are gonna get bored... it’s absolutely absurd that 26%+ can keep this game from growing. I’m sure Jagex learned most the do’s and don’ts with RS3. Don’t go overboard, but seriously 51%out of 100 is the majority. You’re disappointing most your players if you listen to the few aimlessly spiteful players.

New skills = more game. How is that anything but awesome. If you don’t like the skill added, don’t level it.

08-Aug-2019 02:12:53

Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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What skill do you suggest then? Creator of the quarterly M.U.P.A.Q. and I.B.A.T.A.W.A.T. Awards™ and writer of the
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08-Aug-2019 10:59:09

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08-Aug-2019 11:55:34

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Rather than just saying "I want a new skill", why don't you go into what kind of skill you are wanting? What would the purpose of the skill be? What would it be used for? How would you train it? The more information that you give Jagex, the more likely it will be a skill that you enjoy. Things may be looking down now, but I see a light at the end of the tunnel;
Do you think I should get off the tracks?

08-Aug-2019 17:40:45

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