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When I first became a Member 428 bank spaces seemed enormous. After a short time and many quests I find myself constantly trying to figure out what I need to keep and what to get rid of to free space in my bank.
In most RS banks there is an empty desk, just sitting there with no one behind it. I would like to see a Bank Adviser employed by the banks to help you with your banking problems.
This banker could offer free services or charge you a "per visit flat fee"
A few suggestions of what he could offer:
* He could review your bank inventory and list for you all the quest related items that no longer have any future use. Like Keys, glass, books, passes, lists, maps etc.
* He could list all of your non-tradeable items.
* He could list for you all your items that could be stored in your player owned home. (and maybe for a fee deliver them all there).
* He could list for you your 10 most valuable and least valuable items.
* I would like to see a Grand Exchange Runner, This is like a butler or servant that will run things to the G.E for you from any bank location, but at a price (say 10% of the total sale price removed from the sale total at the time of collection). This runner could be hired through the Bank Adviser.
* He could list for you all your banked items that are always available in general stores.

Just some thoughts..

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I've had several comments about the Grand Exchange runner and I want to be clearer about the idea.
What I was suggesting is a runner that ONLY takes things to the Grand Exchange TO BE SOLD, and that's all. And it would cost you 10% of your sale price for the service. That amount would be automatically removed from the cash you would collect from the bank adviser at the time of collection of your funds.
I DON'T think the runner should be able to purchase and deliver items to you.
Please read my further explanations of the runner on pages 6 and 8.
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The Wise Old Man in Draynor only looks at non-member f2p quest items.

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I would like a bank manager/ salesman / secretary who can be assigned articles (such as junk) to sell on my behalf gradually via general stores or on the exchange.
I would also like it if money didn't take up a bank slot but was a seperate entry like the buttons at the base of the window.

12-Jan-2010 14:18:07

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