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Everyone can obtain a chromatic partyhat by just doing rounds in new varrock--that's the whole reason that was added to the game. But just adding new tradeable partyhats as drops... that would send the economy into chaos, and anyone who owns a partyhat would have to consider selling immediately, assuming they even are aware of the update or playing at the time of update. All to say this is very problematic. If you want a phat that's not the chromatic one, old school still exists and did away with the economy problem from the beginning of its existence by just giving them out to players every christmas. That wouldn't work in rs3 for the reasons I stated.

As Jeremy Cheng stated,

Jeremy Cheng said:
This should be polled, and the only people allowed to vote yes or not to a party hat drop aka rerelease should be players who are confirmed by jagex scanning their account that they do in fact own a phat in the bank, keepsake, inventory or worn.

This is a fancy way of saying not in a hundred years. No one in their right mind would vote for this if they had one, precisely because it would scam those players of what *was* the most valuable item in the game.

I'm saying all this, and I have never owned a partyhat, and I probably never will. I just can't imagine the kind of anguish someone would have if they forgot to play for 3 weeks and suddenly their most valuable 2.7b+ item is now worth pennies.
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