Quest : The Ancient Vampyre

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Son of Leah

Son of Leah

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Have you ever wondered just who was in the coffin on the top floor of the Temple of Saradomin at Paterdomus? You do remember the warning that Drezel gave you during the first quest to unlock the passage into Morytania, don't you?

"There is a vampyre in that coffin over there. It is one of the ones that somehow survived the battle here all those years ago. It has been trapped on this side of the river for centuries. It is little more than a wild animal, and must be extremely powerful to have survived until today. Perhaps you could use the Salve itself to hold him at bay."

That coffin was never disturbed during all the quests that followed Priest In Peril. Whatever was in there kept all other Vampyres at bay. Vanescula never got near the bridge to the temple but sent others to confront you, during River of Blood. Even the monks of Zamorak have kept their distance staying on lower floors all the time they have occupied the Temple.

This is my theory, It is an original Vampyre not one of Lord Drakan's lackeys. As such it is going to take quite an effort to finally destroy.

The player will need to get Saradomin and Zaros to work together to restore and totally purify the River Salve for a third and final time. It is a river after all so needs balance. Since Guthix is no longer with us they will have to join forces. I also thought Seren may be needed as a third God, and one of balance like Guthix was. If so, then of course the quests that restored her will also be required.

The purification process will need Holy Water the player learned to collect during Legends Quest. More Potions of Guthix Balance used during River of Blood. More Pure Essence used during Priest in Peril. Most of all Blessings from Saradomin and Zaros (and if Seren is added, blessings from her as well) spoken at the same time with any new items they will ask the player to gather for them.

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Son of Leah

Son of Leah

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For instance Zaros may request some Elder Energy from Freneskae, and Seren may want some pure ground up crystals from Tarddiad.

The result of this quest will be a totally restored Temple and chapel at Paterdomus. Statues will be completely restored and or rebuilt. The guardian in the passageway will be much more formidable. There will be monks (followers) from the 2 (3 if Seren is added) factions keeping the temple safe.

The Coffin on the top floor will have been destroyed and the room turned into a classroom for helping the factions learn more about each other in an effort to restore and keep peace. Most Importantly, Zamorak will have lost his foothold into Morytania.

He did, after all, loose his battle with Saradomin in the first of the God Battles which seems to have been forgotten or over looked. But we players remember!

Teaser Closing Message:
This is the beginning of the Restoration of Morytania. Returning Light to the darkened world.

Quest requirements:
Legends' Quest
River of Blood
The World Wakes
Fate of the Gods
The Light Within

People to Contact:
Ungadulu: From Legends' Quest

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Son of Leah

Son of Leah

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Another thought. Since the vampyers were originally brought here by Zaros, one of his requests to gather needed items could involve the player using the world gate to go to the original vampyre world to gather items they are weak against naturally. This would however be very time consuming both for playing the quest and for the Jagex team designing and testing playability. Zaros may have something hidden on Freneskae he could send us to retrieve that he had used to keep them in line or intimidated.

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