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Gluepot said:
Mod Infinity said:
while long standing Clan Leader Glue Pot (who looks a lot like a certain Mr Claus we are told) will be hosting his famous Christmas giveaways on World 80 –keep an eye on the forums for the times for these great social events!

I wasn't expecting to get that much publicity, I guess I had better make an event on the forums. I'm really looking forward to this now.

Couple of strange points though: "famous" Well I suppose it is now.
"Glue Pot" It's all one word, could this be changed in case people can't add me if they're trying to?

Here's my Event Thread
Ho Ho Ho!

The Imperial Legion

29-Nov-2014 17:40:57

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12-Dec-2014 15:25:35

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EggroII, a reply has been left over on the Forum Help thread. Your post on this thread has been hidden as its a bit off topic and the thread here is meant for communicating what's going on in the RuneScape Community, not for attempting to appeal bans.

12-Dec-2014 16:02:35

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Jimson said:
December is going to be awesome since there will be a lot of exciting events, can't wait to go to them! Christmas is my favorite time of year and it'll be awesome to hang around with the community. :D

I'm loving it so far =D i hope you are loving it too!
What can i say, just smile! :)

*~ Robiin ~*

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