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Player Gallery

Hi Everyone.

To celebrate the release of ports and the re-opening of the Player Gallery, we've decided to combine the two and see if we can get some creative sparks flying.

With three new adventurers, new voyage types, building upgrades and a host of all other things with the most recent Ports Expansion update, we have decided that the 49th Player Gallery will have a nautical theme. Raise your anchors, choose your crew and get drawing/sketching/painting/modelling - whatever you feel. =D

- It has to be RuneScape related artwork based on the current theme
- It's got to be your own art work - no knock-offs, please!
- Maximum size 2MB
- Accepted formats .jpg, .png, .gif
- Your entry must be submitted before the deadline!

Additional rules for this competition:
- Your image must contain a ship

- RuneScape concept art print ľ signed by JMods
- Feedback from one of our RuneScape concept artists
- 1000 RuneCoins

Two runners-up:
- 500 RuneCoins

If you would like to enter this competition, you can e-mail
. You can also enter via other social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook by tagging #RSPlayerGallery. You can enter now!

Entries for this competition will close 12:00 GAME TIME (UTC) on the 9th February 2015. Standard Terms and Conditions apply.

Looking forward to seeing your artwork. =D
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Can't wait to see some of your entries!
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30-Jan-2015 12:16:50

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Hmm might have to give this a go.
I can submit a picture of something made with modelling clay right?

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