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What Does GameBlast Mean to You?

This month, Jagex is proudly sponsoring GameBlast, a nationwide charity gaming event that will transform the lives of gamers with disabilities, and we're going to be at the forefront of the fundraising!

We'll be hosting an epic 24-hour stream, starting at 12pm UTC (game time) on Friday, February 20th, featuring all manner of events, fun stuff, and sleep-deprived JMods. It's shaping up to be even bigger, better and more adventurous than last year's, and it’s all in aid of the great work done by the charity SpecialEffect!

This year, we're looking to involve you even further, so we're running a video competition.

We want you to send in a 30-second video clip (of either yourself, or your RS character) explaining what GameBlast means to you personally, and/or what you'll be doing to raise money for GameBlast this year.

Remember, the Well of Goodwill will be reopened, so it could be donating all of your loot into the well, working with friends on a charity stream or something completely bonkers. Whatever it is, we want to know!

We want you to start the video with the phrase 'Hi – my name is [RuneScape display name]', but you may also want to include...

  • What does GameBlast 2015 mean to you, personally?

  • What are you and your friends doing to help support GameBlast 2015?

  • Why do you think it’s important to get involved in GameBlast 2015?

  • What did you do last year to support GameBlast, and how successful was it?


And, of course, there'll be prizes. If your video is featured on our stream, we'll give you one month of RS membership and a Bond - as well as your video being broadcast to thousands of people! One lucky featured video will also receive an exclusive RuneScape goodie bag.

To submit your video, simply upload it to YouTube (set it as a 'public' or 'unlisted' video, rather than private, please!) and send us a link to your uploaded video to us at The deadline is 23.59pm UTC on Friday 13th February. Good luck!

The RuneScape Community Team

03-Feb-2015 10:09:17

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Will take part for sure.

Gameblast means a lot to certain people
Since gaming became such an integral part of most our lives it should be available to everyone.
At this moment there are quite a lot of people who are disabled in a way they aren't able to play anymore.

To get those people back in the game means they have the oppertunity to socialize with people again.

EDIT: entry closes on friday the 13th... bad luck problems
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GameBlast was so sucessful last year. I'm really looking forward to it this year.
I have no doubt it will be as good or better than last year .
Jagex should have more visualization by the amount of charity that has been doing.

I hope it is possible to do this event in the coming years. As well as being great fun, it's also for a great cause.

I hope this time Mod Balance can keep himself awake for the entire 24 hours! :P

Cynisme said:
EDIT: entry closes on friday the 13th... bad luck problems

Ooh my... :O Good luck mate!

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Jinni Fluff

Jinni Fluff

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As handicap person that play RS, I love the event. I do not live in the UK but know of the works that SpecialEffect do to change lifes for challenged peoples. I am glad to take part in the great world of RS and glad that Jagex take responsibility to help all people enjoy a part of great community. I am sad Jagex and RS not get the name on SpecialEffects partner list. I will like to see the stream event. Good lucks Jmods on the challenge - I send kisses to keep you alive :-)

03-Feb-2015 12:22:47

Aether Step

Aether Step

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I just wish that you had an option to donate real money without giving 10m for 1 USD. 10 million = 1 dollar lol. Thats just a scam ingame. I'd rather give you 20 USD from the job I do in real life.

03-Feb-2015 12:53:38

Tatya Edaine

Tatya Edaine

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Gameblast offers hope for people who have to spend most of their energies just doing day-to-day efforts. When I play, I can MOVE, I can crouch and swing at things and dig, I can fish for hours... And this is what you're offering to others. Good job.

I'm losing some of the game, unfortunately. I have a very difficult time reading the tiny text in the chat box, so in general I don't look - it beats having another headache. I miss the depth of the experience, though, and the connections with others. Maybe, through Gameblast, something will be developed so I can change my font size and again be able to be fully within the game.
I miss you.

03-Feb-2015 19:28:43

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