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David James

David James

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UrekMazino said:
Draco Burnz said:
UrekMazino said:
Read again buddy, I asked what was the point of doing it, as in what's the purpose. You only said you do it just because. If you really wanted to answer my question, you would've said there was no purpose other than "I feel like it

Now you get it.

Not everything will make sense to you as its not supposed to.

You play how you want to and ill do the same.

Just because you see no reason behind this doesnt mean it should happen.

Yes, after all the unnecessary round-a-bout conversation I finally understand that you had nothing to say at all.

Draco Burnz said:
David James said:
Some people just wanna watch the world burn.

Other people just wanna piss people off by putting their settings to private.

A few others just don't wanna be creeped on.


If you want to know someones stats bad enough, use the one thing that cant be hidden.


So you're saying hiding profile is pointless since you can still access those information?

No, as hiding it might not affect the ability to check your skills, but it does hide what you've been up to lately and how active you are as a player for those that wish to creep :P

10-Mar-2019 00:40:37

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