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You asked for our opinions on how to make the game better in this regard.

Inevitably what I have to say will simply be lost to the flood of replies, but I think the absolute best thing that can happen for this game in regards to post 99 skilling is for 120 all skills to be released.

It would give an enormous opportunity for additional content to be added to the game that relates to skilling without the constant issue of making skilling easier. Releasing 120 in all skills could be used to completely revitalise skilling by providing actual incentive for levelling. As it is, people level skills for one reason, levels, there's not actually any purpose to it beyond that. If players could make money or other useful rewards from levelling beyond 99 on a level competitive with some PVM, it would be exceedingly beneficial to the whole game, from sheer gameplay enjoyment to things like the economy.

I know you've said in the past that you didn't want to release 120 all skills for various reasons, mostly along the lines of not wanting players to waste away in front of their computers. But with this intended prestige update you've demonstrated that post 99 is definitely on the table now, so I hope you consider it again.

17-Oct-2013 14:27:07



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King Bibbler said:
Cinderlynn said:
I'm not really against this update I would just rather they raise the level cap and add more high end content!

Trust me Cinderlyn, nobody outside of the top 50 players would get 120 all skills for many many years to come (In all probably the remainder of the time this game still exists). Do you really want your character to become that outclassed or that irrelevant forever?

Unless you plan to gain ~2.6 B xp in the blink of an eye (which I might add is impossible considering it takes years and years to even consider getting 1B xp) I would reconsider your stance on this one.

Why are you so obsessed with maxing? Don't you see that's what's so wrong with this game now? This game has become all about getting to max, and none of the journey matters anymore. Back in this game's prime, it was amazing for a person to even have one or two 99s. Getting 99s was insanely hard, probably harder than getting 120 would be today, and yet people were okay with that. People were proud of having level 70 all skills, and that was all you really needed.

But people like you, as of the last few years, have become increasingly obsessed with "finishing" a game that was never designed to be finished.

17-Oct-2013 15:12:45

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