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Ferenc2017 said:
Tewi said:
(Bumping this up a bit)

It seems that what most people are complaining about is xp past 99. It would be better if, for example, if you prestiged with 50M xp, as soon as you hit lvl 99 on prestige 1, you would jump to 50M xp immediately. But if it required, for instance, 60M to reach 99, they would stay at 60M xp when they get 99.

Maybe remove the cash required to unprestige or be a small-ish number like 500K, add some cool Prestige Skill Capes and Prestige Max Cape if you get 99(s) again, and it's be a great update.

If skills are to go up to 120, exp rates will have to be as high as Dungeoneering, or at least 500k/h. That would mean 200 hours to 120 (100M xp), not that much considering the current xp rates of Agility and Divination.


Are you talking about powerful capes or cosmetic capes?
I don't want a better cape than comp cape. I was talking about cosmetic capes, hence the word "cool". If people are pressured to get these worthless capes it's their own problem.

17-Oct-2013 20:09:57

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lol monk \\ \\ \\_________|`ŤŞ ............Sir.R˘bi˝H˘˘d ......... Şő┤|_______// // //
// // //»»»»»»»»»»»|Şő┤ ......200 Mţll Rń˝gÚ XP ....... `ŤŞ|»»»»»»»»\\ \\ \\

17-Oct-2013 20:10:10

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I prefer it not being optional, but another way to grow after 99.
I don't consider it ignorant to vote no, I simply prefer a different and better way to see this continue, rather than cutting it off here and say "well this is it, go to your 200m with second hand stuff and old content, have fun"

17-Oct-2013 20:10:53



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Idk if any Jmods are still reading this thread.... but my one concern is my untrimmed mining cape. I have it keepsaked. will i still be able to use and wear this IF i decide to prestige my mining? or will i not be able to wear any of my 99 capes once i have prestiged it until my level shows 99 again?

17-Oct-2013 20:11:11



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Nat said:
I'm also becoming increasingly annoyed at those calling the ones that vote "no" stupid, or ignorant.

I read the blog as soon as they posted it, I've given it thought over the past few days. At first I wanted it SO badly to be implemented. But then I sat down and thought of all the positives and negatives. I voted no because the negatives - for me and my friends - outweighed the positive. I've posted why I voted no, I also supported posts that furthered my opinion.

For you to call me stupid for taking an educated vote - that's rude.

And where does all of the negative stem from exactly? Think about that for a moment and if it clicks you'll realize that calling no voters ignorant is very justified.

17-Oct-2013 20:12:05

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I'm extremely disappointed that the community does not like an optional update. I think its a great update! I think cosmetic overrides for milestones (prestige) past 99 xp is a great idea. The competition for leaderboards.. i don't care. I hope this idea doesn't get scraped entirely.

17-Oct-2013 20:13:45



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Tewi said:

Maybe remove the cash required to unprestige

and where is it confirmed that there will be a cost to begin with? last i read they were just thinking about it as a way to stop ppl from flipping back and forth

17-Oct-2013 20:13:58



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Apparently thousands do, as many thousands have voted yes. People like you are too selfish and voting no for absolutely poor reasons that hardly make sense. I highly doubt every high lvl is going to sit and insult new players, you have a horrible depressing outlook on life if you think that and I truly feel sorry for you.

And no, there aren't any other ideas that would bring back old content as easily as this would have. Especially none as optional as this one is.

I mean it's really hard not to see it as a bunch of whiners making up reasons to say no now. Maybe because saying the real reason they don't like it would make them sound selfish and possibly borderline OCD.

The more I hear people like this talk, the less I like this game as a whole. Maybe we should leave things as they are and let the game stagnate**** is mostly down to the hardcore rs ppl anyway. Most minigames and fun content is dead, just boring ppl grinding 200M's utilizing about 1% of the total game content lol.


If you highly doubt that, you simply haven't spent enough time around high levels. Spend time in world 48. Spend time at high level bossing. Spend time on the High Level Forums. The high level community is depressing at best - they are rude and egotistical. An update like this wouldn't change them.

I assume by "real reason" you mean addiction to the game. I would say most of the players are addicted to some degree - I would even put myself in that category, save I don't have itches when I stop playing for months at a time. To mention OCD is mildly insulting, as I do stuffer from OCD outbursts due to my aspergers.

Lastly, the game has been dead for years. Jagex makes dead content by releasing things that don't need to be released. They don't update the older things to fit their new agenda. Games room has been dead since it was released - instead of fixing that, they introduced FunOrb. Then FO died. It's a cycle.

And no, I'm not addressing the updates. No room.

17-Oct-2013 20:15:11



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Lotuspod said:

Negatively impacts? LOL so does the current system of completionist, maxed, and 200ms. At least prestige is optional, you're assuming its necessary.

And who cares if someones ego gets deflated a little because of new hiscores? It happens plenty already, with runespan and warbands most recently. You mean to say someone's ego is more important than updates that would add tons of replay value and content?

Please, do tell how a system that has been in place since the beginning of the game negatively impacts anybody. You obviously didn't read a word of my post or you would've understood that while we recognize prestige is technically optional, the system fails to recognize any current achievement of players who have trained past 13M XP. This pressures players into competition in order to retain the rank they worked their asses off to earn.

Secondly, there is no need to preach to me about TentScape & RuneSpan. If you sift through my old posts you will see that I've been extremely vocal against the introduction of Warbands into the game and have fought tooth & nail against it. I will NEVER support updates that allow new players to achieve the same things as others, yet by circumventing hundreds of hours of moneymaking, training, and hundreds of millions of GP.

You cannot compare the prestige system to these pieces of content. Those updates are microscopic in comparison to prestige, an update that actually changes the game & the way it is played. Egos may only be deflated "a little" in certain cases and would be completely unaffected in others (low level players/non-maxers), but there are other players who stand to lose what amounts to literally thousands of hours.

My point illustrated by Mod Jack himself:

ModáJack said:
Prestiging isn't really a "content" update as such, it's a change to the rules of the game.

17-Oct-2013 20:15:39



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Ferenc2017 said:
And Mod Mark promised that others skills will never be 120 cuz 120 dungeonering was intended to be the end of the game for players. He said this in a bts video.

Ferenc2017 :)

They also said there would be no more discontiued items, that this should be the year of the players, that both skills would be released in 2013.. And much more.

17-Oct-2013 20:15:45

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