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What would 120 skills offer you that prestige doesn't....?
-A new level cap that everyone can get, max, and sit at the "top" of the hiscores forever. At least with prestige you don't have to worry about capping...
I disagree with the level cap being raised.

What would new, higher level, equipment give you?
-An even more messed up gear difference than their is now. Level 60 gear vs. level 70 gear doesn't stand a chance. Let alone the insane prices of level 90 gear...

And someone said before something about "you'd just be getting 99 over and over on your main account, instead of alternate accounts"
I like this. Simply because i've always questioned why someone would want their effort split up like that. If i'm working that hard for the experience, I want it to be seen on the account I play most.
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17-Oct-2013 21:10:26



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For me personally, although I found great achievement and pride getting level 99 in a skill, I was much happier knowing I didn't have to work any more on it along with spending time and money on it. Getting level 99 once alone is a pretty good accomplishment in my opinion. (Although level 120 + more content and a nice cape could be pretty cool!)

Having said that, the 'reset' and prestige idea I think would be rather tedious and would end up being a competition between the top 10 players in the skills. Also, I understand that is it optional but I think a lot of players would feel pressured into prestiging some of their hard earned 99; and could be quite disheartening to some players as they have no longer mastered a skill fully (excluding 200M exp). Consequently, players would spend even more time trying to 'max' out their characters which I deem to be very unhealthy.

As you say, if it doesn't get 75%< 'yes' votes than you will rework it. I think instead of a Call of Duty type prestige system, you should orientate it around the seasonal hiscores. In my opinion the seasonal high scores should be more focused on skills and not 'how many laps you can run back and forth in the wilderness'. (Although you could have both kinds for fun)

By having seasonal skill challenge high scores - the competition is still there, but only for a short time, so people don't spend an unhealthy amount of time on it. It also allows players who at one point may not have been able to participate at a high standard in it to eventually do so (for example - I'm never going to be in the all time top 100 players for fishing because I'm only 90 fishing - so I'm slower at fishing than someone who is 99. But, one day when I am 99 fishing I can compete at the same level as them and possibly be in the top 100 player for the seasonal hiscores)

I've cast my vote. Thanks for getting the option of the players!

17-Oct-2013 21:10:28

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FlyingFox said:
Robin Hoo D and Smurffaholic. I think my aswer both answers your questions and statements.

Don't confuse products with resources. it's a beginners mistake.

Doesn't answer our question, regardless of the term it doesn't address excess wealth being a bad thing when used on something as optional and cosmetic as prestige. It's still a positive
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17-Oct-2013 21:10:52



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FakeWalrus said:
Voting against prestige for two reasons:
1 - Current experience over level 99 isn't counted in the prestige system.
2 - The prestige system will become the primary hiscores table.

If either is changed then I would almost certainly vote yes.

I would also fully support level 120 skills, so long as those extra 20 levels are filled with meaningful content.

Your current exp beyond 99 does not matter anyways, unless you and your friends are competing against each other.

High scores don't mean a thing. Can you name me the top 10 people in a skill without looking? I know of 2 people, Suomi and Zezima, but that is only because of the fan girls that mention them in game. If not for that, I would not know who they are or what they did.

If you are worried that your 200 mil exp does won't mean anything, stop worrying, because your 200 mil exp does not mean anything right now, except for you bragging about it in game or on forums, and I, like many others, will not bother to look up you on the high scores to see where you rank or how much exp you have in a skill.

17-Oct-2013 21:10:56

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RuniteDrill said:
If I could, I'd vote yes.
Getting 200M xp, or competing on the hiscores is not everything. It'd be nice to go back and re-level some skills.

I agree.

But perhaps to solve the arguments ..
Prestige should only be an option to those that have max'ed and then they get the opportunity to reset 'all' to 1 (with the revert option available for new quests etc. - again with no xp counting towards your prestige but still counting towards your total xp)

For high scores - as well as prestige, keep total xp gained as a column on there (regardless of those who choose to reset or not) perhaps defaulting to sort by prestige level but allowing the opportunity to sort by total xp gained as well - this means those with high xp in a skill (who chose not to reset) still get the recognition they rightfully deserve.

17-Oct-2013 21:11:52



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WhiteJaguar said:
No, the rsc beta started in 1999. Why do you think the beginning year for jagex's copyright is 1999?

I encourage you to do some research. Deviousmud was 1999 and was never released. Runescape, now called classic, was released to the public in 2001.

17-Oct-2013 21:12:09



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Nat said:
Monk. You've not tried to explain anything, you've simply insulted while waiting for an educated yes-sayer(personally I see Red's post a neutral) to post.

You didn't read when I explained it then. Besides, you're self-admittedly mentally unstable so I don't trust much that comes from you.

I insulted nothing until you did lol, idk how many times you've said idiots or other things over and over.

All i said was none of the no-sayers wouldn't come out and say the real reason they don't like prestige. Instead they make up random opinions and pass it off as truth, or spout a bunch of crap that has nothing to do with prestige.

Don't lie lol, we all see the posts where people say no and have some hilariously fail reason after. If there were also a bunch of ridiculously un-informed people saying yes for crazy reasons...then I'd be laughing at them just as much.

And you truly don't see the humor in voting no on an optional update?

Anything besides the same boring, broken current hiscores would be a blessing. After all the botting and rwt'ing thats tainted the game, almost nobody takes those hiscores all that seriously.

And you don't see how wrong it is to deny someone something, simply because you have no interest in it yourself? It has no effect on you, you can still continue on your 200M goals yourself with no interruptions.

For me personally, I'm nowhere near maxed but I have some 99's and want to prestige them for fun...especially combat. You're telling me that you are against an update that will bring fun to thousands of others, yet wouldn't really affect you at all?

Like I said before, it really and truly sounds selfish to me. If that offends you or sounds like an insult...well that's your problem. Your poor attitude of others offends me but I didn't make a big deal of it. Same with your lack of self-control and quickness to criticize others, even though you admit to serious problems yourself.

17-Oct-2013 21:12:51

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FlyingFox said:
Robin Hoo d.

1. Thanks
1. Optional on this matter just means they either choose to continue the race, or drop out. Don't underestimate peer pressure, mind you those maxed people are all grouping together and provoking each other.

2. It's disappointing that you don't understand that resetting skills like crafting means a higher demand for resources. But also DOUBLE the amount of amulets created. In my ten years of playing, I have not used more than three amulets of strength. Prestiging this skill means the market will be flooded with thousands more of these.
A new player who finally managed to get the right crafting level to make them, will see that they're better off selling the rubies than making their own products. They will leave that to the people who pay for their levels.

In short this is UNHEALTHY for any mmo. And this has been an issue since items are easily obtained through G.E. (Mind you I loved pre G.E. but i voted against old school for another very important reason.. )
New players don't feel they have any use, and are looking at everyone around them having all the millions to spend to get their levels. It scares newcomers away, and that's the worst you can do : Repelling the new generations.

I want EVERYONE to be able to play together. If you add a prestige system that demands PRODUCTS , not RESOURCES from newcomers, they will be motivated to make this for the higher levels. It gives them at low levels the feeling of accomplishments that they have been lacking for YEARS.

This prestige system idea will only worsen this feeling of negligence, and this is also the reason why most of the areas on runescape are empty and WILL STAY EMPTY.

Things that DID the trick of combining new and old people :
Agility courses + high level extension
Summoning (iron platebodies will actually be bought)
Herblore (from mid to high level)

Prestige won't do anything with this.

3. In the end everyone ends up at a

17-Oct-2013 21:12:59

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