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Just a reminder to everyone getting upset by NO votes...

Voting YES gets prestige added with all the flaws in the original concept. Voting NO gives Jagex a chance to go back to the drawing board and modify the concept with all of the good ideas presented by players in a week of feedback across various pinned threads started by J-Mods.

Voting NO will actually result in a game change more to everyone's liking.
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18-Oct-2013 00:46:03



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I feel that overall it is a good idea, but it needs to be modified. Certain things need to be adding for most players to agree to it. One of the best ideas that I can think of to put in with Prestige is have it so that every time you can prestige (Say up to 10) you unlock a different colour of trim for that skillcape. This way by the colour of the trim, you could tell which prestige that player has (or has achieved in the past if they like a lower level prestige colour). This way players can be more unique with their capes and show them off more with pride. You could use all of the colours that you can change the colour of that chat box, and already existing trim colours for the different colours of trim. Every prestige, unlocks a new colour and you choose the old ones as well. Simple, but awesome. Also, different logos that could be put beside players name if they have prestiged every skill say 1, 2 or 3 and so on times, a different logo unlocks. Stuff like that, there needs to be a good reward for prestiging. Just my thoughts on it.

18-Oct-2013 00:47:43



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Personally, I couldn't care less if the High score table was removed from the game completely. I've never used it, and only used it when I pk'd as a free member like 5 years ago.

But to those who like the highscores, why not just create an additional high scores table- one that requires you to be prestige level one to get on it? That way you satisfy (though only a little bit) those who went/going for 200m xp while still giving you the ability to reward people after 99.

18-Oct-2013 00:49:12



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The core objectives stated are missing the most important objective of the prestige system. The most important thing about it is that it attracts new players to the game (but Udroi! only high level players can prestige! u stoopid!).

Think back to when you first started playing. Can you imagine what it would be like if all the starter areas are deserted and all the players wearing cool looking stuff are busy travelling somewhere and teleport away. The most important thing about the prestige system is that it will put experienced players in areas of the game that new players first encounter. They will be skilling there and in need of low level resources and willing to talk to the noobs because they can buy stuff from noobs and give advice. It will also add value to low level items.

If you don't want to prestige you don't have to and if you only want to prestige in your favourite skill you can.

Runescape needs this.

18-Oct-2013 00:50:07

Final Bane

Final Bane

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LA Litness said:
Now players can catch up by leveling to 99 and then prestiging at which point they have not only caught up but also surpassed these players.

Which is exactly the biggest problem of the system. It devalues any xp past 99, no matter how significant the amount. If I'm at 176M fishing xp (I'm actually almost 176.5M), why should someone who gets a flat 13034431 xp for 99 be remotely near the rank I'm at? And if they prestige, they'd automatically PASS me, despite the fact that I've accumulated over 10x the xp that they've gotten? If anything, the only point where prestiging should be allowed in this game outside of Dungeoneering floors is at 200M xp, since that's the xp cap and it wouldn't devalue the xp that previous people have gotten. Thus, I've voted "No". Keep that system out. If you want to allow it upon reaching 200M xp in a stat, then it will be fine. Otherwise, you're hurting the game like crazy--oh, and if you decide to allow it at 200M, you'd just have to add a "Prestige" count to the high scores list, so that when someone "prestiges", it essentially counts them as having: 200M(X)+current xp for their ranking, where X is the amount of prestiges that they've done.

18-Oct-2013 00:51:07

Devans Blade

Devans Blade

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I think there are a number of old school Vet's that feel the way I do. I think that recapping Mastery levels on all skills would be more profitable for Jagex. I also think other players are like me & they to would prefer to see a skills true mastery level raised before seeing the prestige system. I would rather be creating higher leveled potions or Mining rare elements to Smith Dragon Armour

I often wonder how many other players feel the same. I often feel angry when I think about skill capes being 99. Why Settle for a 99 when I could have 120 or better yet a Masters skill of 150. Why must we settle for stats capped at 99? If Dungeoneering can be set at 120. Why Can't the Developers of Runescape redesign the Max levels for all skill? Why not implement Higher tiered items per skill

My Idea for the way, the new rankings & title system could work

Jagex could make new Hi Score ranks for those that achieve the new skill levels

A player can earn a named Title rank if they hold a minimum of 90 in all skills

Just 1 skill at 90 120 or 150 will not earn a player The apprentice or Journeyman's Title in front of their name or ranking on the Hi Score pages

A player becomes an Apprentice when all of his or her skills have reached level 90 of 120 or 100 of 150
Apprentice Devans Blade

A player reaches a Journeyman's rank when all skills are 110 out of 120 or if they are 125 out of 150
Journeyman Devans Blade

A player earns the Title Master Of All When all their skills are at 120 or 150
Devans Blade Master Of All

If a Player Gets 1 skill to level 120 or 150

Take Crafting Thieving & Cooking as some examples a player would hold a single Title Rank Master Craftsman Devans Blade
Master Thief Devans Blade
Master Chef Devans Blade
Master Assassin (Must Have 120 or 150 in all combat stats + the SGS Package)

So how about releasing higher caps for all skills instead of the prestige system?
I think my Idea is a excellent 1
+ 1 if you agree with me

18-Oct-2013 00:59:09

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i voted no for 2 reasons

1 i don't want my xp past 99 to have bin a waste its just my op please don't rage me

2 i don't think its right that the new hi scores would be the default hi scores and the old ones pushed aside

sorry if you wonted this but everyone should vote how they feel

18-Oct-2013 01:07:07

Wyndd Walker

Wyndd Walker

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Can someone tell me why this poll is NOT on the front page? You must click through 2 times to even GET to it.

Some other crap about mobil apps must be more important, eh?

Have you mentioned whether f2p accounts can vote?

18-Oct-2013 01:16:25

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