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It seems that this TH promo seems to have a bigger "lootbox" feel than most others. The gamblers among us seem to really like this one as bonds suddenly soar to 20.5m+ overnight.

To me this doesn't feel the right way to go.. It only lures more people in with gambling issues to get just one more favorable chest. I would rather see a more "fair' way to extract money from them.

And this is not the way I want to profit off them in-game either. It's too easy. And i see in the foreseeable future especially this kind of practice will be looked into/regulated by some countries. If not , I feel almost obliged to do so myself.

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11-Oct-2018 14:45:10

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Support; it seems pretty two-faced of Jagex to allegedly support mental health charities, while at the same time running a predatory gambling machine that exploits the Runescape players on a mental level into spending more money than they would if the monetization was done fairly, effectively causing more mental health problems.
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11-Oct-2018 15:19:54

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Tophurious said:
if the charities people were smart they would stop associating with jagex until mtx is reworked into something that isn't gambling.

Its been reworked, so skirt around the definition of gambling, because you can no longer cash out in gp but instead in oddments now.
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13-Oct-2018 08:31:14

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