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David James

David James

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Tom Grey said:
Nex is Life said:
Mod Meadows said:
Hi both,

You will need to log in and log out and they will be delivered to you.

Mod Meadows.
<a href="">@JagexMeadows</a>
~RuneScape Community Management.
wow glad to see Jmods ready and waiting to respond to this minutes after its made and literally nothing else on the forums
I have to agree with you there. Watch our replies be hidden in no time either.

Idk which is worse, the fact it obviously shows they only care about MTX and sacrificing "Integrity" they recently claim to be actually be striving for, or the fact that I was not surprised someone with an issue relating to TH gets instant response vs hundreds of gameplay issues getting blatantly ignored.

What integrity?

19-Feb-2019 05:43:26

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