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Big Cats & WWF

Help save the big cats of Gielinor and grab yourself some in game big cat toys - raising awareness of the plight of these endangered animals, in partnership with WWF.

You can lend a helping hand by talking to the WWF Conservationist found in the Grand Exchange. They will take you to the area of the big cats where you can do your bit to help restore the habitat.

For each habitat that you help restore you will receive a big cat toy. There are a total of 4 toys earned through 4 activities (2 available in free-to-play):

  • Tiger
  • Snow leopard
  • Lion (members only)
  • Amur leopard (members only)

  • You can also speak to the Conservationist to donate to WWF using Bonds. For every Bond given to the Conservationist through July 23rd-August 20th, Jagex will donate at least £2.85 to WWF in support of their global conservation effort.

    Get involved and give generously over the next few weeks, and tell your friends about this fantastic cause.

    Visit WWF's website, too, and find out more about awe-inspiring work they do to protect the world's endangered species.

    In other news...

  • The 10% increase in XP at the Falador farming patch will now only apply after completing the medium diary, rather than easy, as intended.
  • The Tzhaar-ket-om (Obsidian Maul) will now consistently protect over the Granite Maul upon death.
  • Gnome Goggles will now keep their intended colour.
  • A ghost during the Ghost Ahoy quest now only speaks ghost when you do not have a ghostspeak amulet equipped.
  • The teleport options on the Ardougne Cloaks are now in a consistent order.
  • Levelling up in the Defender role at Barbarian assault now actually increases the lure range of the Penance Runners.
  • More challenge messages at the Duel Arena will now appear under the trade chat tab.
  • Sherlock's scarf will no longer be visible through the back of the NPC and his waist line with no longer be transparent.
  • On male characters, the mime top's stripes no longer render through the Ardougne cape.
  • Fixed typo in Easy Kandarin Achievement Diary.

  • This weekend we will be hosting the first ever competitive RuneScape tournament and the entire event will be livestreamed on our Twitch channel. There is $10,000 up for grabs and 8 very skilled teams with a shot at winning. Do not miss out on this event - tune in at 4pm BST on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to catch the action.

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    U S A said:
    Leveling up defender roles previously did not increase the range?

    I felt like it did. Maybe it was just my state of mind.
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    23-Jul-2015 11:30:54

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    U S A said:
    Leveling up defender roles previously did not increase the range?

    Nope! We got informed by some pro BA'ers who thought it was not working. We then investigated and discovered the issue :P. Should be working just fine now!
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    23-Jul-2015 11:30:58

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