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I did not see any other use of bonds besides being used for membership passing a poll. Even on the contrary, everything has failed so far. And this hasn't even even been polled.

This is not an oldschool update, but an update forced by 'the powers that be'. I've warned about this before. If the boss at jagex decides there isn't a poll needed for content because of economical reasons (a partnership with WWF), there won't be a poll. Not a good foresight for the future.

This is a serious integrity issue.

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Cameron77 said:
Dobbelb are you seriously complaining that people can make donations with their gold via bonds? Jesus christ.

I'm complaining that it hasn't passed a poll.
And that jagex keeps a part of the cut. If people would want to donate to WWF, they can do so directly. I would even have no problem with WWF awarding a code for an ingame pet. But this is just a way to raise the gp price of bonds, so jagex would sell more bonds.

23-Jul-2015 12:42:03

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With the defender role update....

Honestly had me quite worried that the defender method used by all pro's pretty much wouldn't work anymore. Glad to say that it does. Although multi-killing the runners is a bit harder for east runners....

To note though- Runners target food a bit faster now.

Quite frankly this was one of the BA updates we didn't want for fear of messing up the current method.

(Im one of the ba pro's btw, although i didnt mention the runner issue)

On the subject of BA....

@Mod Krista - When can we expect to see a poll/update for increase points at BA? and is it possible to have a tracker/log of high gambles and/or Queen Kills? (for pet tracking mainly)

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Hey guys

We are aware that there has been an issue with some people not being able to claim their toys.
This was caused by people clicking out of the message they received on completing that section of the content.

I have added in a hotfix to stop this from happening again to anyone.
You will also be able to get your state set back to what it should be (if you have been having issues) by talking to Emem.

23-Jul-2015 13:12:37



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AlThe8thDay said:
That's cool so if I donate £3.50 ish to buy a bond give it back to jagex and then jagex will donate £2.80? What happened to the other 70p is*

To add if anyone thinks I'm being tight... rather then waste my money giving to jagex for a 3rd party I've just donated on a direct debit every month to this directly on their website for the foreseeable future
#UpRising PVM

23-Jul-2015 13:29:34

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