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Some FAQs for our 15 Days of Christmas sweepstake competition. Please add any further questions you have as comments below.

What is the competition and how can I enter?

Our 15 Days of Christmas competition is a sweepstake-style competition. Head over to our competition page on Facebook, enter your details, and voila! You’re entered!

You can also gain additional entries by sharing the competition with your friends on Facebook, email Twitter. For every friend who enters using the link you’ve supplied, you’ll get two additional entries into the draw.

Please note: in order to enter the competition, you will only need to supply your email address and RSN, as well as ticking the box – the other fields are optional.

When is the deadline for entries?

Entries close at 23.59 UTC on December 23rd, 2015. A winner will be selected (hopefully!) on Christmas Eve.

What are the prizes?

The prize is a 15-item bundle, which includes…

- An MSI Apache Pro Gaming Laptop.

- A real-life, handmade retro Dragonfire Shield (modelled from this).

- 4 x Cooler Master Goodies, including:

o Ceres 500 Gaming Headset
o Alcor Optical Mouse
o Devastator Gaming Gear Combo (includes keyboard as well as mouse).
o Pitch Pro Gaming Headphones

- From the Merch Store:
o A God Cap of your choice from the Merch Store
o A Gnome Child Christmas Jumper
o A Party Hat (colour of your choice)
o A ‘Noob’ T-shirt
o Drakan Concept Art
o RuneScape ‘R’ logo wallet
o ‘Level Up’ T-shirt of your choice

- 5 Bonds

- A RuneFest goodie bag, containing a notebook, lanyard and Bobblehead origami.

How will we choose a winner, and how will that winner be contacted?

A winner will be chosen using a random number generator, and will be contacted via these means:
• The email address supplied upon entry (so make it one you check frequently!)
• The RuneScape name you supply upon entry – i.e. your in-game inbox.

We’ll aim to contact the winner on Christmas Eve – however, if this is not possible, it will be at the latest December 30th.

You will have 7 days to claim your prize. If it is not claimed, another winner will be chosen.

Who is eligible to enter?
If you're eligible to play RuneScape, you're eligible to enter! There aren't any geographical restrictions on this prize - please be aware though that in some countries the prize may take a while to arrive.

Please also bear in mind that the laptop prize is a UK/US-based laptop - so the keyboard is laid out in 'QWERTY' fashion.

Full competition terms and conditions are available here.
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Sweet! Thanks :)!

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Well the link to that which shall not be named is still on there... WOW.
You think it would have been fixed already.

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