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Glic Esther said:

Maybe if ppl stopped bashing them all the time they would.

As the saying goes, treat others the way you wish to be treated.
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As some are noticing, not much here. Runescape has become a mature game. Beyond that Jagex has a problem

Runescape attracts many players with older computers to Old School. 3 times more for that than the New. So Jagex has a healthy player base for now. But Runescape apparently does not compete well with other newer games. That means that, in the long term, Runescape will fade away as older computers get replaced unless they can think of something. They have been trying, but I suspect they don't understand what succeeds. Micro payments alienate players, and ultimately do not succeed as much as they seem to work in the short term. That and other "sell game content" initiatives. Time to think of something else (preferably new), Jagex.

So, if skilling is a bore, the solution is not to give experience away for nothing or for rw $.

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