Patch Notes - 24/06

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Sample said:
dorpy said:
Can you guys get your **** together and fix the Mac client?

It's been over 5 months since Mac users can kill Telos. Not to mention problems with Solak p2, AoD ice lockdown, and various Elite Dungeon animations.

It's almost been half a year of our membership gone completely to waste - please, fix your ****, this is god damn ridiculous.



24-Jun-2019 17:24:48

Pyro Lord
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You guys didn't even link this to news post might wanna get on that.

The restore (summoning) points action from ardy capes is only available when we have a familiar summoned, or ardy/comp cape equipped.

The comp capes stored in keepsakes keys were removed and keys were returned (which I'm grateful for), but the capes weren't deposited in our banks, so that's money we can't get back. Is there a fix for that in the works or should I consider that money gone for good?

Comp cape still has a much higher reclaim cost on death than max cape despite them being functionally the same now. (not even gonna get into how stupid comp and max being literally equal is)

24-Jun-2019 22:40:09

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Cool that Sawmill jobs give more fragments. It's not that many though, I only got two triggers (230ish fragments in total) for a large job. I'd argue you should also get a guaranteed batch of fragments when handing in a job. Also, do Evil Trees give some fragments as a reward? They definitely should. Bizarre Boron Fusswell, scryer extraordinaire. Minigames & ninja fixes & achievement ideas!

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25-Jun-2019 09:44:57

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I believe the action bar needs a few more fixes,for example, any dyed “Malevolent” Helms will not be registered as a dyed version and will not allow you to equip it straight from the action bar, some people may not find this useful, but for some it is, in some instances;- Tanking a boss but bringing a dps switch (using melee in this example) and wanting to quickly switch armours without clicking, if the helm is dyed, it won*t work; whereas the body and legs do. I feel like this is a problem for some people, especially myself, and hopefully it could be fixed soon.

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25-Jun-2019 12:30:19



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I am still not sure why they have not fixed gold smelting. You still can't store gold ore and bars unless you done the familiy crest quest. Funny thing is that f2p players that have done this quest while being member, can store gold, but others can't lol.

It's an absolute joke.

No double bars (even if you have done the quest), no storage, and huge huge huge xp nerf.

28-Jun-2019 09:02:30

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