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Choosing not to learn is better than playing frustrating not fun content in my opinion. The drawback of choosing not to play the content though is I have no suggestions on how to improve it either.

About the only feedback I can constructively give is to say why I haven't played it.

Anything requiring surge to play it and a lot of learning sounds too involved and effort heavy for me, when I am trying to play a game to relax.

Rewards? I don't know what they are. I haven't heard of anything but store nerfs, and maybe some drops that I probably won't need because I don't boss fight.

Other things on the island didn't impress me enough to want to explore the rest of the content.

I did try the agility course and easily missed obstacles so laps didn't count, and didn't want to use the agility course any more when it was hard to know where to go next without missing obstacles.

Searching for buried zygos seems pointless, I'm not sure if there even is a reward if you find all 60 and haven't cared enough to find out.

Basically, I don't want anything with a high learning curve, or anything that requires running or a lot of clicking, or anything risk of dying and losing items, or anything that is frustrating to play or learn.

Content I do like? Catching implings. Divination. Easy to kill monsters. Things I can jump into and pick up what I'm supposed to do without having to read an instruction manual.

Is there anything actually wrong with Big Game Hunter? Maybe not, I don't know because I haven't played it, and maybe that is the biggest problem with the content, nothing made me want to even try it from the news post telling me it was added to the game. Maybe it just appeals to a different sort of player than me, and that's OK, but hopefully it plays well for those it does appeal to, and those who have tried it can give Jagex good feedback on how to improve it. Not everything has to appeal to every player, as long as it fills a niche for some players.

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I love how all these solo players are arguing over solo content that is forced onto clans in a well known event that is supposed to be fundamentally multiplayer for all clans f2p and p2p free from level requirements.

Fact of the matter is that this solo player ego trip is rejected by clans. These desolate forums void of any recognizable competitive clans scream in the face of Jagex, the organizers, that it has failed before it even started.

Use the old format or something similar but it must include pvp, pvm, ironman, questing, competitive and casual, f2p and p2p clans - content that covers all types clans using in-game multiplayer content.

Go big or get out.

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As for the pathing/tick system, you are just bad.

While yes, you can't pick it up instantly in the blink of an eye, anyone who's actually spent more than an hour knows how/where to surge. It sounds like you didn't even give the island a chance and you blaming your mistakes on Jagex.

There's plenty of things to critcize the island, but you choose your inability to learn instead.[/quote]

Nah. 500+ dinos killed. The pathing and moonwalking/ice-skating are crap.

As for the rest, you can let the circle go yellow with no worries. Do get double - surge and mobile though.

19-Aug-2019 21:53:11

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It's a pretty cool concept imo. It's kind of like a skilling boss, I think it's great.

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