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Jsjfh ducbrbcu. Rbbdh. Ebx cjdbdbchd <------Basically just type gibberish. JAGEX PLEASE START PLANING FOR A 300Million Account Event.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Quick find code: 185-186-627-65997434

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In order to qualify as a game thread, it requires an actual purpose. Typing gibberish is nothing more than spam. I'll post a snippet from the Forum Specific Rules below:

While you're having fun, please make sure to treat these threads as games - posts with "count to 50" without any reason to them are not games, they're post farming. Come up with a fun reason for players to post!

You're more than welcome to create a new game thread, but please make sure it qualifies as an actual game instead of simply a means of post farming. ;)
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