Three Letters, Three Words V2

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I have not gotten permission from Mutant Wacko, who was the original poster of this game. He has been inactive for quite some while, so I'll go ahead and repost v2 of this game.

Hey all,
This is a game where someone puts 3 random letters, and then the next poster has to make 3 words out of them, to make a short sentence or something like that. For example...:
Poster 1: WGH
Poster 2: Waffles Grating Halibet. CPB
Poster 3: Catching Pink Bananas. DAL
Poster 4: Dragons?! Aargh, Lumpy!
You can use names (eg. HAD - Harry Ate Diamonds).
And so on and so forth.
Please don't give people ridiculously hard letters, like XZX...
Please, nothing rude, I know it's tempting, but please resist.
If there is already a thread like this, please, please, tell me and I'll ask for it to be locked. I apologise in advance if I have copied your thread in any way.
I'll start...NRS.
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