Count to 10 before a CH V8

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Welcome to version 8 of the ''Count to 10 before a CH'' forum game!

(Previous version was created by
Green Cafe
and she has not yet recreated this forum game so I decide to recreate a new version of it)

Green Cafe
wants to recreate the version 8 then it's ok for this thread to be closed!
Otherwise the counting continues! Have fun to win!

(Copy-pasted some of the opening contents from previous thread!)

How to play:
Player 1: 1
Player 2: 2
Player 3: 3
Community helper (CH): 0
Player 4: back to 1:(


-Spam the thread
-Post annoying messages
-Ruin the game for other people
-Duplicate numbers
-Numbers must be in order

-Follow all Jagex rules
-Be nice to other people


The previous thread ended on 2! (by me!) So a great number to start with will be...
My goals and achievements on F2P accounts! ---> Thread! <---

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