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Hello Guys,
I just started playing the game about two weeks ago and was playing flat out. I was talked to by a guy who stated he was quitting the game and told me to post my name on these forums. I came back to my account completely wiped of all my cash (6M) and my items on the GE (worth 1.1M). Please direct me to where I can get some help or seeing about getting my items back. I worked so hard for a bond and I really don't feel I can go back to playing the game. I've lost so much progress. I'm finding more items gone as I look. :'( Please help. I'm devastated.

31-Dec-2018 05:01:08

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I'm sorry If I Should have known this was a scam but I have only ever played on my own computer and it'll be clear from my IP registries as to when this happened, if anything can be done please help as I was really enjoying the game and have no idea how to rebuild this back up again. :(

31-Dec-2018 05:11:11



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This article says it clear! Lost items won't be returned or refunded!
You visited a phishing website and gave away your login info and probably also got a trojan to your computer so the hacker could access your RS account using your own IP and network and bypass authenticator! Time to upgarde all the securities and scan your computer!
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31-Dec-2018 08:57:42

Aethel Wolf
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Aethel Wolf

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You will need to run a scan to detect any malicious programmes. You might have inadvertently downloaded them by clicking on suspicious websites/e-mails.
Please see the guide on securing your computer as provided.

As mentioned, items lost in this manner cannot be returned. However, I'm sure there are many money-making guides out there (in the Guides and Help forum or the official Wiki) which can help you recover what is lost.

If you find someone breaking the rules, they should be reported in-game where evidence wil be sent to Jagex for review. Please do not name and shame these players in the forums.

Feel free to make a new thread in Account Help if you need further queries. I'm sure this thread does not belong to places like Forum Games.

Have a good day. :)

31-Dec-2018 14:27:51

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