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27-Sep-2019 09:46:56

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LaáJollan said:
You can't verify yourself anymore? How are we able to use it if you can't verify.

You'll want to visit Clan Bot's website for verification:
Branjos said:
To get started with this application please visit our website By signing up and validating your RSN your clan will start being tracked.

Also, I'd recommend joining their Discord server for help/advice:
Branjos said:
Please feel free to ask questions here or message me on discord or in game for help, bugs, and suggestions. You can also feel free to create an issue in the github repository for any of the above correspondence and I will reply accordingly. I also have a Dev Discord server where you can get me and others who are using the bot:
This Discord is the best place to get up to date information regarding the bot!
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27-Sep-2019 18:52:17

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So our clan just started about 3 month ago and we thought about getting a better grip on the count of members capping at the citadel. What difference this bot made !!!!! Thank you

11-May-2020 18:40:10

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