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As of yesterday a couple of our clan members ended up in kind of a bind. The issue was related to being automatically muted, not because of actually cussing someone out or bypassing any profanity filter, but from saying our clan name.
The name of the clan has been used on osrs to scam through a discord link, and after making our own custom link after reaching enough boosts it turns out we're being auto-muted from sharing this. Attempting to reach out on Reddit about this turned out to be impossible, and the support section on the website offers no respite. Therefore this is a last-ditch effort to try and get in touch with anyone who might be of help with this and maybe help us figure out some solution instead of this empty void of customer service we've experienced for the last five years (with the exception of the lockouts).

I'm sorry if this post breaches with the thread themes meant to be posted here, but I haven't made a forum post in almost a decade and I'm currently at my wits end about finding help.

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17-Jun-2021 23:35:03

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@ ToadHunter - Not sure why you chose to gravebump this just to leave an inaccurate criticism.

The clan referred to in this thread is a previous Clan Cup winner.

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22-Aug-2021 20:46:08

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