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Hey, I'm in need of fellow clan leaders to answer some questions of mine!

--The Story--

Im currently aiming for tier 5 and thought to divide the time spent for it in two weeks.

1. So lets say it'll take my clan more than just two weeks to gather enough resource will the computer keep the progress of the citadels upgrades longer than two weeks? (cause i already know it'll keep incomplete upgrades for the next week after reset)

2. If the computer allows me to keep the upgrade process for multiple weeks, than when is the appropriate time to ask the quartermaster to delay the weekly resets?
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04-Feb-2016 23:13:08

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I'm not sure exactly what you're asking, but resources that are going towards any upgrade will carry over week-to-week until that upgrade has been completed.

You don't need to complete an entire upgrade in a set, restricted amount of time, so you can use as much time as is necessary for your clan to achieve your T5 Citadel.

Edit: Just wanted to add since you mentioned it, moving the build tick isn't necessary.

Best of luck, :)
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