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So my clan has a tier 2 citadel and a tier 2 storehouse, we capped with around 14000 in the storehouse, with our cit upkeep is around 4000. Every build tick our resource surplus goes into the negative and we cant figure out why. Im confused of whats happening because I went to the wiki for storehouse and it says its supposed to carry over 10%.

Please help.

04-May-2016 23:28:15

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Are you getting at least 10 people to visit? Are you capping your tree and mine both? 15 200ms. Founder of Jamandy52 skilling clan. Favorite skill: Construction. Love skilling. Love minigames.
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05-May-2016 07:59:59

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Do you have upgrades on order ?

Resources kept in the storehouse will carry over to next weeks upkeep if you don't have anything else for them to be allocated against in the week. For a tier 2 storehouse, 10% of the surplus would carry over without spoiling as you have said. That means with approx 10k surplus resource, you should see 1k resources carried over.

Citadel upkeep with T2 stronghold and storehouse, would be 4105 timber plus 65 stone according to my quick calculations. Have you been collecting the stone too ?

You only require 5 visitors for weekly upkeep, but once you are upgrading your citadel to T3, you will need 10 visitors each week in order for resources to be allocated to the upgrade. These allocated to upgrade are in addition to anything kept in the store house - these are unallocated resources.

My pm is always on if you want to discuss further.

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