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when I was in mod marks clan chat people where discussing politics they didn't get kicked from the chat. I thought we were not suppose to even bring that kinda of stuff up in the clan chat and on the forums the stance is the same we can't talk about politics. What is the deal? I'm not trying to rant but I'm just confused. Have the rules changed in the cc and the forums Idk. Also the clan name is rust for pres don't know what that means?

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Hey there

The rules of Mod Mark's CC are the same as the the rules of the game (click here: Mod Mark's FC Rules). There is no longer an extensive list of subjects which cannot be discussed. It is best to avoid heated topics, like politics and religion though, as it will often lead to fights.

I am not too involved in Mod Mark's clan chat however, so I would like to advise you to PM a rank from the Friends Chat in-game to have your question answered. I am sure they are happy to help you further (ask them to turn pm on if it's off)! :)

Also remember that there might not always be a rank online to comment on the discussions going on. It can sometimes happen that a forbidden topic is discussed, because nobody is around.

This section of the forums is meant for asking general clan chat questions though, and not for asking specific questions about a certain Friends Chat. Your thread has therefore been locked. Please do not recreate it.

Thanks, ^_^
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