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Recently there's been a number of posts in the Looking for Founders thread, from clans looking for additional admins for their already established clan. This has sparked quite a topic among clan leaders, and the best-agreed-on resolution to this was for a "Looking for Admins" thread to be added to the forums. As the LFC forum is for people looking for clans, and not clans looking for people, Clan Central was decided to be the best-fit forum for this thread.
If you are looking for people to help you run your clan as Admins or higher, stop right here! Please use this thread to find new admins for your clan.

This thread is NOT to find new founders - rather, it is for clans to find others to help them run their existing clan.

Thread rules and recommendations:

1) (Rule) Only one post per clan per day, to prevent spam
2) Rule) Only one post per clan per page, to prevent spam
3) If you're a clan looking for admins, it'd be a good idea to give an overall description of your clan and what you're looking for in an Admin+ person
4) If you're a person seeking an administration position in a clan, it'd be a good idea to state your qualifications.

Side note: Once you find the people you're looking for, it might be a good idea to delete your message so other people won't be contacting you about already filled Admin roles in your clan.
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Still Looking- August 23rd

-We are currently looking for someone to fill the position of several administrative positions in our clan. We are a very well established clan, with a tier 7 citadel and 3 avatars. However, we are in need of a strong leadership team. That's where you come in.

-WHAT YOU GET: You’ll get the rank of general upon joining the clan, after we review your council application (detailed below.) Afterwards, you will earn the rank of admin after you’ve proven yourself (which can be in a single day, possibly less,) and potentially Deputy Owner. You'll be able to help the growth of a large an successful clan. How you do so is up to you.

-If this sounds like something that you can do, please submit a council application HERE.

Hope to see you soon!
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We are a new clan, primarily focused on being as
as possible while hosting an array of different events. These include, but are not limited to:

PvM Bossing (We try and do different bosses to cater for different people)
Skilling Competitions
Group Citadel work (not Mandatory)
Social gatherings!

We have
no skill or level requirements.
The only requirement we have is that you be as
as possible!


We are looking for
two members
to join our leadership team:

The first position:
Head of Recruitment.

Criteria: Lots experience in
forum recruitment, as well as in-game

You must appreciate the
quality of recruits over the quantity



The second position:
Assistant Events Manager

Criteria: Work alongside our current Events Manager to keep an
intriguing events flow coming

Ideally, have plenty of
knowledge on PvM, Skilling
and the ability to approach events with a creative twist.


Both of these positions will be required to perform basic moderating duties. You are expected to be a
role model
to others. Though you aren't required to cap at the Citadel, it certainly sets a very strong precedent doing so.

It is preferable that you will have Discord, but

If you're interested for either role, message me or Daisy Slayer in-game. You can also reply on here.

Thanks for reading!

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Wanted to view the thread again. And needless to say couldn't find it without google.
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-Cosmic wolves-

We're Looking for a few admin+ roles in our clan , here it goes,

Recruiter: for the clan we love to grow and love to get help with the recruiting.

Pvm event hoster: willing to learn some other clanmates bossing/host them often.

Dungeoneering Host: some of us like to to dung but we're spreaded in low/high dungeoneering, we're looking for someone to take place to help them.

-if anyone in interested in any of them roles message me in game so we can discuss any of those roles- , Or post in this thread Cosmic Wolves

love to hear from you all and goodluck with the thread Lisaa

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