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Recently there's been a number of posts in the Looking for Founders thread, from clans looking for additional admins for their already established clan. This has sparked quite a topic among clan leaders, and the best-agreed-on resolution to this was for a "Looking for Admins" thread to be added to the forums. As the LFC forum is for people looking for clans, and not clans looking for people, Clan Central was decided to be the best-fit forum for this thread.
If you are looking for people to help you run your clan as Admins or higher, stop right here! Please use this thread to find new admins for your clan.

This thread is NOT to find new founders - rather, it is for clans to find others to help them run their existing clan.

Thread rules and recommendations:

1) (Rule) Only one post per clan per day, to prevent spam
2) Rule) Only one post per clan per page, to prevent spam
3) If you're a clan looking for admins, it'd be a good idea to give an overall description of your clan and what you're looking for in an Admin+ person
4) If you're a person seeking an administration position in a clan, it'd be a good idea to state your qualifications.

Side note: Once you find the people you're looking for, it might be a good idea to delete your message so other people won't be contacting you about already filled Admin roles in your clan.
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