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06-Jul-2020 22:17:23

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Looking for admins (or higher) to help start a laid back social/pvm clan (clans already founded). PM me for more information.

Roles we are looking for:

Head of Recruitment
Event Manager

Citadel Manager
Discord Moderators

If there's anything you feel you could contribute with outside of what's listed below then send me a message

How to reach me:

IGN: Aeps
Discord: Aeps#3596

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The Family Jewels
is seeking DAILY active key staff members.
If a position listed below isn't crossed out, I'm still looking to fill it, so send me a message in-game if you're interested! Don't be bothered by the date of this post, I will always come back to edit it if something changes.


Recruitment Manager

Citadel Manager

Chat Manager

Ideally we are looking for staff/admins located in Canada/USA or Europe for the sake of time zones. You must be fluent in English and at least semi-literate in chat (formally literate if you plan to write material for the clan at any time). We require people with previous clan leadership experience as well as patience, open-mindedness, and unwillingness to give up. You are active in chat and Discord, and you also have experience managing Discord servers (or at least you're willing to learn). Capping is mandatory to retain staff status. You will also be given access to our RS3ClanAdmin and clan Discord bot. We have a points-based ranking system, all you need to learn are the bot commands and how to use the website.

We STRONGLY prefer:

-if you are 130+ combat
-have been actively playing the game for the last 1+ years
-are able to log in and interact on a daily basis or at least on most days

We 100% REQUIRE:

-you have Discord
-speak/write English
-you are 18+

Overall, we're a chill and very tight-knit group with a focus on friendship, account improvement, and enjoyment of this amazing game. I'd be so pleased to meet someone who is equally dedicated to RS3 and would like to come be part of this awesome family with me!

Let's talk! :)

For more info on us, please check out our clan thread at
QFC 290-291-64-66112107
. Info on the staff/admin positions can be found by scrolling down to
Staff Job Postings
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29-Jul-2020 19:27:53

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