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We're Looking for a few admin+ roles in our clan

2- Overseer : Citadel Expert, in clan growth *Board members*

2 - Coordinator : to coordinate clan members and roles *Board members*

Few Admins : To monitor clan chat / One Head Admin *Board member*

General : To monitor Captains *Board member*

Captains : Recruiting Experts

- Cool thread Lisaa
|| Skilling-Pvm-Pvp-Quests

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13-Jul-2021 02:33:43

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Hi all I'm looking for some admins for a recently formed clan. You can join our cc DeathDefiers or pm if interested.

We are newly formed and wanting to grow. We are a laid back social/skilling clan with no requirements.

Here are some rolls available

Recruitment Manager
Citadel Manager
Event Manager

Having Discord would be great

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