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Young Guilo
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Young Guilo

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I used to run a clan called Assassins 101. After I received membership I transferred the clan to my ironman (before ironman mode came out). Now I want to get back into it and revive it. The only problem is that when I transferred the account back (making me a deputy owner and removing my other account) I found out that there are about 7-9 banned accounts in the clan. After removing two it said I couldn't remove anymore because I wasn't the leader. The leadership role transferred to A BANNED ACCOUNT!

I'm calling on the help of Jagex to fix this so that I can gain control of my clan once again.
If you could transfer ownership to me that would be great (I'm already Deputy Owner so It's legit).

Thank You,

- Young Guilo (Alan)

25-Jun-2015 19:49:47

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31-Jan-2016 04:41:59

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This thread has been inactive for months, and was in any case misplaced - it certainly didn't need to be brought back to the first page.
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31-Jan-2016 20:08:21

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