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Alchemical X
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Alchemical X

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I think the removal of clan Dilapidation would benefit all of the clans that play at their leisure and are smaller / more closely knit. Running a clan shouldn’t feel like a full time job in a game for no pay. It should be a place for like-minded players to enjoy the game together and share experiences.

01-Aug-2020 19:48:24

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Upkeep should not be that much of a chore, since the 30 July 2018 Clan Improvements Update.

Since that update, it is now possible for 1 clan member with an avatar to collect all of the resources necessary for the weekly upkeep, even for a Tier 7 citadel. Then, all that is needed to prevent the citadel from dilapidation is for 4 more member to "visit" the citadel during that week so that you have a visitor count of 5.

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02-Aug-2020 18:35:40

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