All the empty plots in Citadel

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why is it once your clan is tier 5 citadel or higher, (especially tier 7), the citadel has so many EMPTY spaces where plots could go but we dont have anything at all to fill them with?
tier 7 cits have like 5 or 6 completely empty plot areas with nothing to use them for, making a lot of wasted space.

please can we add new skill plots, such as fishing, farming, or runecrafting?
something to fill in the gaps!!
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26-Aug-2021 04:48:40

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Hey S oL,

It is pretty sad to look at with all the empty spaces. It's main purpose is to allow plots to be moved around.

The saddest news/information however in its current state the citadel cannot be updated in terms of adding plots. The entire thing would need to be recoded from the ground up. In addition clan updates are not popular with the community where they are pitted against the likes of a new boss or a new city/area.

I imagine when clans/the community really push for it, it may become a priority for Jagex and we may see some updates.
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27-Aug-2021 17:46:26

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