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hello, all my clan members are not active anymore. when i tried to leave the clan it said that im the clan owner, how can i assign someone else to be the owner so i can leave the clan if im not one of the admins?

25-Apr-2016 18:45:28

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From the ? Clan Help ¿ sticky above:
Calm Enigma said:
How do I leave my clan?

If you are a normal member:

1 – Click on the clan chat tab.

2 – At the bottom of the clan chat window, click on the icon which says ‘Leave your clan chat completely’

If you are the owner:

1 – Demote yourself to Admin or below.

2 – The highest ranked member in the clan will then become the owner. You can leave the clan using the steps above.

Note: The person who was ranked to deputy first is made the owner. The safest way to avoid any mishaps is to temporarily demote all other deputies.

If you are the only person in the clan:

1 – Go to clan camp [south of Falador] and talk to the Scribe in the North East corner.

2 – Select the option to disband your clan.

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25-Apr-2016 20:41:44

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