Clan Central Rules

Clan Central Forum Guide

Although clans tend to enjoy the slaughter of their rivals, there also comes a time to practice those diplomatic skills. This Discussion Forum presents just that opportunity, providing an area for clans to socialise with each other and plan their future battles. You can also use it to make suggestions and request and give help to others.

What is the Clan Discussion Forum for?

  • General discussion regarding RuneScape Clans.
  • Stories, news and reviews related to RuneScape Clans and events.
  • Asking advice on how to run a clan.
  • Clan logos. If you create logos for clans to use, you may advertise your services here.
  • Threads hosting events for other clans to join.
  • Declarations of war and peace.
  • Making suggestions for clan improvements
  • Asking for, and providing, help and advice

  • Can I flame players from enemy clans?

    Banter is fine and expected of any forces preparing to battle each other but flaming particular members of another clan is not needed, keep the fighting to the battlefields! This is where the victories and defeats will be counted.

  • I met this really cool guy in the Clan Discussion Forum. Can I recruit him into my clan in this forum?

    The Clan Discussion Forum is for inter-clan discussion and events organisation. You should use the Clan Recruitment Forums to recruit new members (or you could PM the player in-game).

  • I donít like any other clans. Can I advertise events in this forum for my clan only?

    Itís fine to have events just for your clan but you should use your Clan Home thread.

  • Can I advertise an event for non-clan members?

    Sure, but if the event isnít about clans then you should use the Free, or Members, Events Forum. This forum is for clans.

  • Can I create a thread just for my clan in this forum?

    No, threads for discussion with just your clan members should be posted in the Clan Home forum. The Clan Discussion forum is for inter-clan discussion and not just discussion with your clan.