Strange old man cheated me

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The strange old man offered me a barrows item if I got 4 butterfly seeds, a yak with either the regular, good, golden gift or limited efficiency traits, and maple roots. However, when I got all these items and turned them in, he keeps claiming I don't have enough items to fulfill his quest. I checked my inventory over and over to make sure I had the number of items requested, and I even talked to him to see if the farming requests page was wrong, but nothing worked.

This is clearly a flaw of sorts and I wanted to give thanks to the developer who made this flaw. I'm not asking you to fix this because it won't be fixed before my offer expires, you have better things to work on such as treasure hunter, and I do not expect you to read any of the forum posts. I just wanted to rant about my time wasted is all. Sure, I went through the trouble of going through a bunch of rerolls, playing vinesweeper, and a few other things, but that's nothing compared to the time* that would have been otherwise spent doing better things in Runescape.

*Time spent doing things other than Runescape is not factored in.

21-Feb-2020 22:21:26

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Hi Zayrian,

From what you say you had the requirements and it should have worked.

I know in the past, a similar thing happened to me and I discovered I had the wrong type of the animal requested. Make sure you have a Fremenick Yak, with the correct required traits, and not a spirit or other type of yak. It also will not work if the yak you have is the shiny version.

That is all I can think of as to why it won't work, as you appear to have everything correct as requested.
Best of luck,
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22-Feb-2020 06:22:44

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