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Actually, I have a REAL problem now. The challenge is to get a quest from the slayer master to kill 7 beginner mobs which I can't get as there is an ongoing quest. I keep getting a path to Turael over and over again... I can't get rid of the quest for 18 Frogs so I'm completely stuck. I don't know whether I should be putting in a bug report or not. As a new player to Runescape (I'm subscribed because I was playing OSRS), I'm pretty frustrated!

09-Aug-2019 03:53:54

Jack Flac

Jack Flac

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Jeremy Cheng said:
Have you tried deathtouch bracelet + amulet of blood fury + recoils + weapon poison ++ to kill the frogs?
You really expect a player who can't even kill a level 44 frog to be able to afford a DT bracelet, or be able to get themselves a Blood Fury?

@OP If the task is on RS3 I think tagging them and then having a friend help you kill them will let them count as killed for slayer tasks. Been a while so I'm not sure though.
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oof, i just got this one too, and i'll be doing the lumby swamp cave ones. but i feel man. it is an lousy early task to get :(

maybe get a combat type potion from the grand exchange to boost your levels for a bit? the lower lvl ones aren't very much

also a ring of recoil? much cheaper than any of the suggested items

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