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Hi there, hope everyone is okay :)
I'm a complete beginner and started playing RS yesterday. I'm loving it but it is a little overwhelming.
I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions about where to focus once heading to Lumbridge or if there is any advice you wish you had been given when you first started playing?

Many Blessings & Thanks xxx

05-Oct-2019 16:50:45

Thunder Jinx
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Thunder Jinx

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Well met, welcome to Gielinor :)

The game is a lot bigger today than when I first started, but even back then I would have said set small goals. Try a bit of everything, see what you like doing the most.

Other than that, just explore the world on your own. And do read the quest dialogue, they are very different from your standard MMO.
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05-Oct-2019 17:09:29

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