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Guys, I used to play Runescape in 2010 when the HQ rune was releasing and now I want to play again but I have a pending payment and I can't log-in, almost 90 dollar. I want to know if I pay this, I will get all of my stats, items, etc in Oldschool?

I'm afraid that my stats will only show up in RS3, and I don't want to play RS3. I will only pay this if I could play OSRS with all my old stats.
Someone has any idea about it? thanks!

06-Oct-2019 14:24:50

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If you have never been on Old School since it was added then when you log in you will have to start from scratch like everyone else.

As a payment is pending you will need to address that first with Jagex.
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06-Oct-2019 14:34:08

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You can't have played OSRS since 2008 as it was only added in 2013.

The game you remember has been updated over the years and is now known as 'RuneScape 3'. This would have been the game you played back in 2008, which was then known as 'RuneScape 2' - it's just that you don't recognise it anymore.

Old School RuneScape was created in 2013 from old Save Files and was initially a game which was a snippet in time from RS2/RS3, with the same graphics and content as the game had in 2007. It has since changed quite a lot, with new content which never existed in 2007 and some of which doesn't exist in RS3.

But yes, as the others have said, everyone had to start their accounts over when OSRS was released and sadly your stats will be at their lowest level on that version of the game. Your stats and items will be on the old game, RS3.


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